2017 SUNYCAP Workshops

Here’s a sample of the workshops for this year’s conference

Assessment Requirements for Admissions Teams Based on the New MSCHE Standards

SLI: Technology in Enrollment Management (2 sessions)

SLI: Marketing & Promotion (2 sessions)

Revisiting the So-Called "Gentlemen's" or "Collegial Agreement" for Community Colleges

Working with NYC Community Based Organizations

Creative Problem Solving

College Board New SAT Mid-Year review: Doing more with data

Let's Get Together: Planning Office Retreats

Giving a Presentation That Is Not Your Own

Planning an Overnight Program

How to Survive a CRM Implementation

Student Panel: Looking back at your college search

Carnegie Communications, Winning the Moments that Matter: Google’s Guide

Transfer Pathways Programs: Creating Unique Partnerships & Opportunities

Keeping up with the times: Working smarter, not harder in messaging students. Messaging Students Using Campus Cast

How to Run An Effective Meeting: Agendas, Minutes & Roberts Rules, Oh My!