Merit Awards

Is there someone in your office who has gone above and beyond the call of duty this past year and should be recognized for their efforts? If so, consider nominating them for a SUNYCAP Merit Award.  

SUNYCAP Merit Awards were established to honor the achievements of our SUNYCAP members. Listed here you will see all the award categories available. Please spend a few minutes reading over this listing. You may think of someone on your staff, or a colleague at another institution who is deserving of one of these awards.  Merit awards are open to all current SUNYCAP members. 

Send in a nomination online here.   The deadline for submitting nominations is May 17, 2021

Award Categories

Larry Appel New Professionals Award

Open to SUNYCAP members with a minimum of one year of SUNY Admissions service and no more than five years of total admissions service. This award recognizes outstanding performance/achievement among new SUNY professionals. One New Professional Award will be given.

SUNYCAP Professional of the Year

This award will recognize the SUNYCAP professional whose efforts throughout the past year have exemplified the best of our profession. Dedication, motivation, innovation, commitment, and excellence in their professional reputation will be factors in the selection of this individual. The award recipient will be an individual that new professionals can model as the example to follow in admission professionalism. One SUNYCAP Professional of the Year will be given.

SUNYCAP Achievement Awards (multiple awards; please note, all categories may not be recognized each year. These awards are given at the discretion of the Awards Committee)

Achievement Awards are open to all current SUNYCAP members. Recognizes exemplary performance and achievement in ONE of the categories below:

  1. Outstanding contribution to students through university or community service in support of higher education (must be outside of the nominee’s primary job responsibilities).
  2. Exceptional service (must be documented) to the high school counseling community and/or community services agency.
  3. Excellence and innovation in the design and implementation of an on or off-campus open house event, recruitment program that meets the needs of a special applicant group, or special program that promotes the importance of enrollment and retention.
  4. Outstanding contribution to the design and improvement of office operations and procedures
  5. Excellence in the design and/or creation of an admissions print, electronic marketing piece, or social media campaign. (Examples of applicant’s work must be submitted with their nomination).

The following two awards are given at the discretion of the Awards Committee and the SUNYCAP Executive Board. These awards represent the highest level of professionalism in the field of admissions and the admissions profession. They are not annual awards, but are given when an individual of outstanding character, commitment and performance should be recognized.

Dave Truax SUNYCAP Service Award

Recognizes an individual whose long-term contributions to SUNYCAP which have directly enhanced and improved the organization. The nominee must have at least five years of SUNY professional service and must demonstrate exemplary leadership, creativity and commitment to SUNYCAP during SUNY tenure.

Admissions Profession Award

Recognizes the extraordinary professional achievement of an individual in the field of college admissions. Nominee must have at least five years of SUNY professional service. Nominees should demonstrate a long-term commitment to the concept of public higher education and should show continued and outstanding service to the various constituents that avail themselves of public higher education.

Tips for nominating:

The awards committee would like to make the most informed decision as possible. Nominators are asked to clearly describe what the individual nominee did, including steps taken in their particular endeavor(s), and who was affected by the person’s actions. Documentation and samples of their work (viewbook, print material, link to electronic marketing piece) if applicable are required. Please include the results of their efforts as well.