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SUNYCAP Conference Scholarship Application

The SUNYCAP Conference Scholarship Application is available until April 17, 2020.

Eligibility requires being:

1) a paid member of SUNYCAP,

2) able to demonstrate inability of home campus to fully (or partially) fund participation in event, and

3) able to describe how event participation will enhance a) your skills as an education professional or b) your institution or c) SUNYCAP.

Please note a few changes:

• Please upload documents on this form or submit via email to

o Please submit a resume of all current or previous admissions-related professional development. Be sure to include ALL memberships and volunteer experience for any admissions-related professional organization, including SUNYCAP.

o In a separate document, please state (a) your career goals and objectives in attending this event and (b) how you believe your participation will enhance your skills as an admission professional, your institution, or your SUNYCAP colleagues. Be sure to include workshops you would like to see at this conference or future SUNYCAP conferences.

o Letter from a campus division senior administrator verifying a lack of institutional funding for your attendance at this conference.

o You must complete a conference registration form, please list SUNYCAP Scholarship as your roommate for a double room. **UPDATE** Scholarship recipients may no longer 'pay the difference' for a single room.

Apply online here

Completed application MUST be submitted by deadline with all required materials. Recipients are limited to ONE scholarship per year.

Return completed Additional Documentation by April 17, 2020 to:

Meredith Chapman, SUNYCAP Scholarship Chair