Matthew Polak

Morrisville State College
Admissions Counselor

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how lucky we are to work in the field of higher education within the SUNY system?  On a daily basis we get to help mold the foundation of who, and what, young aspiring adults will become.  The fact is, we get to promote a product we can be confident in knowing will have an everlasting and positive influence not only on each individual student but the rest of the world.

Every institution within the SUNY system has a unique identity and purpose.  We are all responsible for recruiting students to come to our respective institutions for our unique and specialized programs and finding the right “fit” for each student.

We all take pride in representing our schools and programs but every once in a while you meet with a student that is looking for something that may be different than what you have to offer.  That’s ok!  We have 63 other options and I can guarantee one of them will have exactly what you are looking for.

Prior to becoming an admissions counselor for Morrisville State College, I worked in the automotive industry and it makes me think of how easy it would be to shop for a vehicle if they had every model, from every manufacturer, with every set of options, all at one dealership.  Better yet, we are promoting an appreciating asset for our students that will better their lives as well as those around them.  Whether they aspire to be a dairy farmer or a pediatrician we can get them there.  We have a fantastic selection of community colleges across the state that provide the perfect transition to higher education. We have seven technology colleges that are at the forefront of emerging fields such as renewable energy and information technology.  We have University Colleges allowing students to pursue a graduate degree in Education or business and University Centers and Doctoral Degree Granting Institutions ready to educate tomorrow’s leaders.  The opportunities are endless, just look through the SUNY Viewbook.  Not only do we have all of this to offer, but we do so at an unbelievable value.   

At times I think back to my previous employment and think of the questions I could be asking.   Do you want that in banana yellow or lime green?   Would you like cloth or leather?  All are very important decisions, right?  Today I get to ask questions to which the answers define who a young person is and who they want to become.  What do you want to do for the rest of your life?  Where do you want to go?  Do you want to help people?  Do you want to fix things?  Do you want to invent things?  The best part about my job is that no matter what a prospective student’s response is to these questions my response will always remain the same.  We can get you there!