Traveling to Long Island


Brian Wallenhorst

Morrisville State College
Admissions Counselor

10 Tips for a Successful AND Fun Travel Season in Long  Island

Hello SUNY friends, Brian Wallenhorst here from Morrisville State College!  For anyone out there that lives or travels to Long Island we understand how crazy the traffic and everyday life can be… But for those of you who are taking on this travel territory for the first time, below I have listed some helpful tips.

#1 Ask the Professionals
Long Island travel can be scary for a first-timer, but have no fear!  You are part of the SUNY system and we leave no one behind.  Seek out a seasoned colleague that has travelled the region (like myself) and ask questions.  For example: Traffic is crazy but if you learn the traffic patterns you can avoid a lot of hassle. 

#2 Arrive Early
Provide plenty of time to get to your high school visits and fairs.  Traffic is CRAZY!  My philosophy is if you arrive early there is always something nearby to waste a few minutes.  Some of my favorites are stopping by the local mall, grabbing a bite to eat at Panera or a quick cup of amazingness from Starbucks.  Speaking of Starbucks, get the app and use the “find a Starbucks” locater, there is always one close by... you’re welcome!

#3 Time Management
Use google maps and plan out your daily visits so it makes the most sense.  Knowing how far each school is from your location will help manage your time and allow you to squeeze in an extra visit. 

#4 Dining Selection
Food, food and more food… Don’t go to the same chain restaurants over and over.  Try out some of the fantastic, privately owned, establishments.  If you like Italian food like I do, you will be in your glory.  If you love bagels, all I can say is enjoy!  For those who like an awesome breakfast, be sure to check out the local diners, they are superb. 

#5 Don’t Forget the POINTS
Be sure to sign up for a hotel loyalty program and explore the different hotels within that chain.  You will accumulate a TON of points and save money on that vacation you have been dreaming about.   

#6 Pronunciation is Key
Learn how to pronounce the towns within Long Island.  Some can be tricky and quite embarrassing when talking to the locals.  Trust me...

#7 Don’t Be Shy
Get to know the other counselors you see while at the fairs.  You will be travelling six plus weeks with these people and they will become your “travel family.” 

#8 Learn the Lingo
Interstate 495 runs east and west and is known as the Long Island Expressway.  To sound like a true traveler it’s known as the "L.I.E."  I know - it’s a pretty crazy acronym they came up with.

#9 Have Thick Skin
For those of us “upstate” colleges, don’t be offended if the families have never heard of your school.  This just gives you the opportunity to blow their socks off with how great your college is!

#10 Take Some “Me” Time
Don’t get burnt out.  It may be difficult, but take those few moments when there isn’t a consortium or SUNY night and take a trip to the outlets or play a round of golf.  Hey, there has to be a few perks right?