Introducing the Director's Corner...

CC Sandy Drumluk

Sandy Drumluk

Tompkins Cortland Community College
Director of Admissions

Greetings Colleagues! I hope your spring semester is successfully underway - your classrooms contain eager faces, your residence halls are hopping with positive activities, your athletic facilities are filled with dynamic athletes (Go Panthers!), and your academic offices have returned well rested, energized faculty.

Parking lots are full of both cars and snow and we are getting a little more daylight each day...not to mention the design and creation of your shiny, glossy new recruitment publications - photos of outdoor study groups, your new student center or athletic facility, and of course that group of students laughing and walking along the line of elm trees.

Ahhh, February.

As the semester gets moving, I am going to be coordinating with the Endeavors staff to get the Directors’ Corner up and running. I will be posting updates and information gathered from Directors meetings and the SUNY listserv. I will also be soliciting Directors from other institutions to contribute important updates from their sectors. We have changes to policy and procedures much more often than our Director’s meetings can keep up with, and we need various “refreshers” on current policy throughout the year as well (think home school and out of state correspondence schools).

Clearly, I can’t do this all myself. I am looking forward to getting this off the ground, but will need substantial help from my colleagues to keep it running and maintain relevant content.

Please be on the lookout (and hopefully be receptive) for those requests – let’s make Directors’ Corner a very active part of Endeavors and the SUNYCAP website. Have a great spring and see you on the road!