Director’s Corner

CC Sandy Drumluk

Sandy Drumluk



When I was asked to write the “Director’s Corner” for Endeavors the idea was to discuss hot-button topics that Directors of Admission were currently working through. I used the first few opportunities to be creative and write some personal narratives – I basically went as far from the original objective as possible! But do you know what? I enjoyed it, and have gotten feedback from a lot of you that you have enjoyed reading some light-hearted essays instead of paragraphs and paragraphs of some serious topic that you have probably spent the last five staff meetings talking about!

But alas, here I am, facing the deadline of yet another Director’s Corner with nary a topic in mind. The annual January enrollment rush at community colleges has sucked out all of my creative energy. I’m thinking I could address the admissions requirements for students from non-New York State correspondence schools. Or maybe I could talk about admissions requirements for non-registered New York State high schools. Or there is the always engaging (and changing) topic of “atb” and how it effects earning a 24-credit hour state equivalency diploma.

But those are topics in MY world, what’s going on in yours? I am looking for submissions for topics for future Director’s Corners or you will be faced with reading about my two-year old’s birthday party. Or my recruiting experiences in Brazil and Cincinnatus and how similar they really were! Or a debate on whether to lease a school vehicle or rent month-by-month during travel season. The choice is yours – PLEASE send me topics that would benefit the SUNYCAP organization and I’ll do my best to present them, with your assistance, in an upcoming edition.