In these scary economic times...

CC Tom Nesbitt

Tom Nesbitt

SUNYCAP Past President

With the country - and more importantly New York State - in the midst of a fiscal crisis, many offices are figuring out how to do more with less.

Stretching budget dollars by either directly cutting programs or finding creative ways to run programs or provide service at a lower cost has become the norm. Your investment in SUNYCAP has never been more important than right now. By working together, as a system, we have the potential to provide value added services at potentially less cost than other avenues of Professional Development.

Our service to the system allows us exclusive access to the counseling community via the Operation Inform program. Our service to our colleagues allows for Director and E-Board meetings that keep us all on the same page and provide an excellent sounding board to both give and receive information which can assist us in justifying what we do to our superiors.

Our service to the most transitional of our membership is providing training for New Professionals and a Leadership Institute which gives our young professionals the opportunity to advance either within our own institutions or within the system.

Finally, our service to our membership provides countless resources for use in areas such as; skills training, job opportunities, web forums for blogging and information, recognition and networking. We need you every year to register as members and attend our events. That is especially true this year as we look to grow our membership from 400, graduate our first class from SLI, and look to hold the Director's meeting at the same time as the conference in Lake Placid.

In our 39th year of existence we need to set the table for our future by showing our membership that there is true strength in numbers. We need to show our membership that by working together, as a system, we can keep making SUNY stronger , larger and better able to meet the needs of our students. Keep investing in our future. Send in your membership forms today and make sure to encumber dollars to support staff who want to attend the SLI Drive In and attend the annual conference in Lake Placid. You investment has never been more important than right now.