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CC Maureen Pio

Maureen Pio

University College Representative

The staff at Purchase College is full of die hard reality TV fans. While not a reality TV fan, I still find myself oddly intrigued by the discussions taking place the mornings after Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare, or Shear Genius. The fervor and utter delight amongst my colleagues while recapping the prior night's events makes me want to throw caution the wind and stay up till 11pm to see how the next contestant will prove creative-genius at styling a canine's coat out of peanut butter and eggs.

While reality TV discussions are a staple within the Purchase admissions staff, our all-time favorite discussions are those that take place on Friday mornings. I am convinced that the water cooler talk about Michael, Pam, Angela, and Dwight is the only reason some of the staff comes to work on Friday! The excitement that plagues our office is a testament to the hilarity of the "docu-reality" parody known as THE OFFICE!

For those of you not familiar with the best show on earth, shame on you! You should feel embarrassed yet hopeful. Embarrassed because you've been missing out not only on sheer comedic genius, but also on the opportunity to form unprecedented parallels between your office and the office at Dunder-Mifflin (watch the show!). You should feel hopeful because what stands before you is a teachable moment a moment that provides a brief respite from the craziness that occurs everyday in our admissions lives. Go online and see for yourself: - or simply sit down at 9 p.m. on Thursday night and seize the opportunity to bask in comedy at its best!

Comedy is always at its best when it hits close to home; when the audience can truly relate to the topic. You can't get any closer than a show called, "The admissions office." A parody of a parody, the show "The admissions office" bases it characters on those of "The Office." It's clever, witty and surprisingly accurate in its depiction of our profession. Many of you may have already seen this show and forwarded it onto friends and colleagues. For those of you who haven't, it is worth checking out. A Purchase staff favorite is "The admissions office - Walk-In - Episode 2."

As with every great show, a great soundtrack is a must. Although witty, the creators of "The admissions office" unfortunately didn't allow their comedic genius to flow over into musical realm. So I took it upon myself to create a soundtrack that could accompany the show:

Highway to Hell - ACDC

Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

Where the Streets Have No Name - U2

On the Road Again - Willie Nelson

Get Up Stand Up - Bob Marley

Gotta Get Through This - Daniel Beddingfield

Running on Empty - Jackson Browne

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

I Can't Take This - Lola

Pressure - Billy Joel

I encourage each of you to listen to the selections on ITunes and play this soundtrack within your offices. Sit back, close your eyes, press play, and envision the start of travel and continue your timeline all the way through to May 1st. For one moment just imagine-one SUNY Admissions soundtrack playing in all the offices across the state. School counselors everywhere would be thrilled finally, some consistency within SUNY.