Voting begins for SUNYCAP eboard...

Aaron Marshall

Elections & Nominations; Endeavors Co-Chair

Voting for SUNYCAP elected board begins today. Check your inbox for a special "VOTE for SUNYCAP" email from my address - In order for your vote to count, you will need your votecode password.

Once again, this year there are six (6) Executive Committee positions open:

  1. President – Elect
  2. Special Missions Representative
  3. Community College Representative
  4. College of Technology Representative
  5. University Center Representative
  6. University College Representative

A candidate list is available online, including photos and position statements.

When you've received your VOTECODE via email, you may complete your ballot online.

Please note, voting will run through 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 16th. Just like last year, you will be able to vote at the conference if you do not vote prior to your arrival.