We've accomplished a lot this year...

CC Pat Mente

Pat Mente

Vice President

As my tenure as Vice President of the "CAP" comes to a close, I want to make you aware of some of the awesome things that have been accomplished within the organization.

First, as I'm sure you're all aware, the SUNYCAP website has been completely re-done, including the web address. We are now SUNYCAP.org and are no longer SUNYCAP.com. The site is more user-friendly and has a great new look and feel. Please bookmark SUNYCAP.org and visit regularly for news and updates.

Second, this year we will graduate a group of SUNYCAP Leadership Institute (SLI) participants. This group should be commended for their attendance and work towards completion of this certificate. Many had to travel great distances to complete the SLI program and for that I applaud you. It is the hope that participants gained a great deal of knowledge about the workshops that were presented to them. As I step down, I must pass along my many thanks to committee chairs and committee members who have made my job as Vice President enjoyable and trouble-free: Cory Bezek (Technology Committee Chair); Deb Goodrich (SLI and Director of Admission Committee Chair); Jerry Oberst (Legislative Forum Committee Chair); Lisa Thompson (New Membership Committee Chair); Chris D'Orso (New Professionals Orientation Committee Chair); Tim Piche (Op-Inform Committee Chair); Shaughn Clancy (2010 Conference Committee Chair); Aaron Marshall (Chair, Endeavors Committee); Josh Gregory (Nominations and Elections Committee Chair) and Clare Burth (Grants and Scholarships Chair). I cannot thank each of you enough for your dedication to SUNYCAP and all your hard work is surely not overlooked.

I would like to encourage the membership to join a committee and showcase your talents. It's a great networking opportunity, resume builder and I promise - you will have fun.

A special thank you to Cory Bezek for all your expertise and countless hours spent in the re-design of the SUNYCAP website. To Kenny Morrison for all your assistance spent updating / creating / troubleshooting the website and last but certainly not least, Shaughn Clancy your President-Elect, who has an AWESOME 40th anniversary conference planned for you.

Enjoy the conference. After all, we are SUNYCAP and we're in Saratoga!