Executive Board Spotlight - Sara Meskill


Sara Meskill

University at Buffalo
SUNYCAP Treasurer

I first got involved in Admissions the way most people do: I volun- teered at my alma mater’s office. I gradually moved up the ranks, working as a telecounselor, student assistant, tour guide, and graduate assistant. Currently I serve as an Admissions Advi- sor at the University at Buffalo and I am beginning my eighth year in this post. In addition to recruiting and reviewing applica- tions for the majority of Long Island, I also oversee all telecounsel- ing efforts, chat sessions, email triage and instant messaging func- tions for the office.

Shortly after joining Undergraduate Admissions professionally, I began attending SUNYCAP conferences. I enjoyed the professional development aspect of the organization as well as the oppor- tunity to present to my peers. I expressed interest in becoming more involved via committee work and pursued this by reaching out to committee chairs. I received support from my office to join the Executive Board and was subsequently nominated to run for a position. Last year, I was elected to the role of Treasurer for the organization and have absolutely enjoyed every aspect of this responsibility. I look forward to the possibility of continuing my involvement in this organization long after my appointment ends!