Executive Board Spotlight - Jessica Farley


Jessica Farley

University at Buffalo
SUNYCAP Secretary

Hi, my name is Jessica Farley, and I am an admis- sions advisor at the University at Buffalo. I recruit in the cen- tral New York region, and am in my second year of a two- year term of secretary of SUNYCAP. I have been a mem- ber of SUNYCAP for over four years, and wanted to become more involved in the profession- al organization to help the advancement of our profession.

In the position of secretary, I work very closely with each of the SUNYCAP sector reps to encourage renewal of previous members and welcome new members. In addition, I keep a careful record of the minutes at each of our E-board meetings throughout the year. Secretary can be a busy posi- tion that requires minimal but constant upkeep throughout the year. However, having an accurate record of our professional organization’s members and business is incredibly important in advancing our profession and SUNY. It is one way that I chose to become more involved in serving our profession.