Guidelines for Article Submission

Endeavors, the electronic newsletter of State University of New York College Admissions Professionals (SUNYCAP), is published seasonally featuring articles by and for members. Articles should be 500-1,250 words in length, providing information of interest to your peers.

Feel free to include a color head shot of you, so that we can post your photo with your article. The article should touch on your personal experiences but also relate to broader issues affecting academe and college admissions. In other words, if you've got something to say about the job market, the tenure track, the interview process, counseling, committee work, work/life conflicts, or some other aspect of your life as an admissions representative, and you'd like to use your personal experience to make the point, that's what we're looking for.

The editorial board will determine if and when your article will be accepted and published. The editor reserves the right to edit articles for grammar, style, taste, and length.

For scholarship/grant recipients:

If we accept your article for print, your payback obligation will be fulfilled. The editorial board reserves the right to determine when your article will be published, keeping in mind that it may not be published in the most current issue. Your payback obligation will not be fulfilled until your article has been accepted.