As a new recruitment year has begun, I am sure we are all looking forward to an exciting year ahead for SUNYCAP. SUNYCAP provides us with a multitude of opportunities to come together and discuss a variety of topics. Some of the on-going conversations include issues concerning SUNY college admissions professionals, cultivating relationships with the school counseling community, and discussions on how to cultivate environments where our students can continue to engage and grow.

Together, we represent the ‘power of 64,’ and SUNYCAP advocates to strengthen those relationships through professional development. We hope you look forward to the future of this organization as much as we on the Executive Board do. Therefore, we hope you take advantage of the benefits that SUNYCAP has to offer.

Benefits that a SUNYCAP membership provides:

Professional development activities including the annual SUNYCAP conference and SUNYCAP Leadership Institute

Opportunity to work with SUNY colleagues on committees and special events

Grant and scholarship opportunities to assist members to attend SUNYCAP’s annual conference along with other state and national conferences

Promotion of SUNY through service to the high school counseling community

A forum for ideas and issues facing public higher education in New York State

Subscription to our Endeavors e-newsletter and SUNYCAP listserv

Institutional discounts for attending Operation Inform, the annual conference and preconference institute


Please show your commitment to SUNYCAP today by renewing your membership and encouraging new members to join. Click here to submit the online application form. Once your institution submits the online application, you will receive an invoice for payment. Institutions with exactly five members will pay $175.00 per year, and $40.00 per every member over five. The cost for individual membership is also $40.00 per member per year.

Your membership will be valid from November 1, 2019 – October 31, 2020.

Thank you for your continued support of SUNYCAP.